Man sentenced to four months in jail after beating puppy to death

A Duncan man who beat his 16-week-old puppy to death is headed to jail and will be banned from owning animals for a decade.

Robert Carolan has been sentenced to four months in jail after it was found his puppy Dux had suffered severed blunt force trauma.

Carolan initially told authorities the puppy had accidentally drowned after he left him in a bathtub and stepped out for a smoke, but could not explain why the puppy was bleeding and had other injuries.

A necropsy found that Dux, a mixed-breed puppy, had suffered blunt force trauma to his head and right rib and there were signs of pneumothorax, a trauma-induced condition that stops an animal’s lungs from fully inflating. Dux also had fractures on three of its ribs.

“I think jail time is absolutely warranted in a case this heinous,” said B.C. SPCA’s Marcie Moriarty.

“It is heart-breaking to think of how much this poor puppy suffered and the terror he would have experienced before succumbing to his injuries.”

Carolan has also been issued a victim surcharge fine of $100 and a three-year probation to follow his four-month jail sentence.


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