Government responds to sasquatch lawsuit

The B.C. government has responded to a lawsuit filed by a sasquatch tracker who claims the province has “breached its stewardship responsibility” by failing to recognize and protect the legendary creature.

In a lawsuit filed in B.C. Supreme Court in October, Todd Standing accused the provincial government of damaging his livelihood and credibility by “non-recognition of sasquatch.” He asked the court to require a government biologist to accompany him into “known sasquatch habitat” for three months to prove his claims.

The government’s response, filed Jan. 25 at the New Westminster registry, denies Standing’s version of the alleged facts and “denies that the plaintiff suffered or continues to suffer any loss, damage or expense as alleged in the notice of civil claim.”

On Friday, a Ministry of Forests spokesman said the response filed with the court “clearly articulates the ministry’s position.”

Reached on his cellphone, Standing said he’s in the process of lining up witnesses and scientists, including a professor at Idaho State University, to provide evidence, including footprint and genetic analysis of materials found in the B.C. wilderness. A judge will assess the case and determine if it can proceed to trial.

“I can’t imagine a judge saying it’s frivolous,” he said. “Imagine multiple professors and scientists talking definitively about what they know. The truth is going to come out.”

In January, Standing helped a fellow Bigfoot believer file a similar lawsuit in a California court. A preliminary hearing has been set for March 19.

Standing, who once took Les Stroud, TV’s Survivorman, into the backcountry to search for sasquatch, studied wildlife in university. He said he set out to prove that sasquatch couldn’t exist because there was no space in the ecosystem for them, but soon became convinced of the opposite.

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But the sasquatch tracker has also attracted his fair share of controversy, with some in the Bigfoot community saying he faked video footage of a sasquatch. He makes money running weeklong sasquatch-seeking expeditions, charging US$4,800 for a “breathtaking adventure” in the Canadian wilderness.

Standing stands behind his video and is asking anyone else who has encountered a sasquatch to contact him through his website, sylvanic.com.



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